Why Your Brand Should Use Facebook Brand Lift Measurement

Likes feel great, but are they good for the bottom line?

While likes and shares are usually guaranteed to boost your mood, it’s difficult to gauge whether those types of social media engagement are boosting sales. Enter Facebook Brand Lift, which reports on metrics such as brand awareness and ad recall in an effort to cut through the clutter and report on things that are directly aligned with your business goals. Via Facebook, the platform’s Brand Lift solutions promise to “accurately measure your campaign’s ability to drive the metrics that matter most for your brand.”    

Facebook explains that Brand Lift can be used to understand how campaigns resonate through the brand funnel across Facebook and Instagram, reporting on metrics such as ad recall, brand awareness, consideration, and purchase intent, and can be used to compare strategies across dimensions such as creative, placement, or frequency. 

How Facebook uses Brand Lift to help measure the impact of your advertising | Image via Facebook for Business

What to expect when you use Facebook Brand Lift

  1. Facebook Brand Lift randomizes your audience into test and control groups with similar characteristics
  2. The test group contains people who are eligible to see your ads, and the control group contains people who won’t see your ads.
  3. Your ads are displayed on Facebook’s platforms, which can include Facebook News Feed on mobile and desktop, Messenger, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, and Audience Network.
  4. Polls are delivered throughout your campaign to both the test group and control group on Facebook and Instagram
  5. Poll responses are compared between people who saw your ad against people who didn’t. You can choose to run polls directly via Facebook or through an independent measurement partner, Nielson and Millward Brown. 
  6. The difference in desired responses between the test and control group is called “lift,” and will help give you a clearer picture of ROI on your brand awareness initiatives.

Best used at the top of the funnel

While there are a number of ways brands can opt to use Brand Lift solutions, they’re probably best suited for activity at the top of the funnel, and not necessarily for lead-gen campaigns. 

So, for example, if you run digital marketing for an organic consumer packaged goods brand, you might want to use Facebook Brand Lift to help you better measure how well your target consumers recognize your brand, and more importantly, whether you should be funneling some of your ad spend into an awareness campaign this year. 

Creative consideration

Although understanding how consumers perceive and remember your brand is the main focus of the Brand Lift tool, it is also extremely useful when testing the effectiveness of different versions of creative. Naturally, some ads are more memorable than others. Facebook Brand Lift gives advertisers useful insight into which creative sticks with your consumers as they are exposed to a multitude of brands on various social platforms within the Facebook ecosystem (Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace, Messenger.) With the number of companies advertising on Facebook increasing daily, it is essential for advertisers to understand which creative really resonates with their ideal consumer base.

If you’d like to learn more about whether your organization could benefit from a Facebook Brand Lift, reach out. We’d love to learn more about your goals for growth.

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