Ashley Stewart, Parallel Path’s Newest Client Partner

Parallel Path is proud to announce our newest client partnership with Ashley Stewart, a global fashion and apparel brand that focuses on kindness, diversity, and most of all, inclusion.  Ashley Stewart was founded by Joseph Sitt in 1991 in New York and was originally created to represent and cater to curvy African American women, who had been forgotten about in the fashion industry during this time. Sitt named the company Ashley Stewart after Laura Ashley and Martha Stewart who were seen as inspiring, upscale, American icons when the company first launched.

Ashley Stewart offers a variety of trendy clothing and accessories for curvy women, from tops, dresses, and jeans to lingerie, swimwear, and handbags. 

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Ashley Stewart has 89 store locations across twenty-two different states as the global brand continues to stand for uncompromising style, fashion, fit & empowerment for the trend-savvy woman who wishes to flaunt her curves.

“Ashley Stewart is more than a global fashion brand. It’s a movement and a lifestyle. Parallel Path is excited to bring our experience in digital-first marketing to help her achieve her goals.”- Parallel Path Chief Client Officer, Hardy Kalisher.


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