Meet Our 2022 Parallel Path Summer Interns

Parallel Path is dedicated to investing in the next generation of business leaders and, for many, that starts with an internship. Parallel Path’s Summer Internship Program is rooted in four pillars: 

  • Learning – Training and learning directly from industry professionals
  • Doing – Participation in meaningful projects and ongoing support of client initiatives
  • Experience –  Real digital marketing experience across all aspects of a fast-paced digital marketing agency
  • Mentorship – Mentoring from the Parallel Path team through a summer-long intern-specific project

“This isn’t just any internship. At Parallel Path our interns are given real, supporting roles and tasks that are integral to the success of our client partners and the organization as a whole. Each intern who has the opportunity to learn and grow here does so as both an individual contributor AND as a teammate,” said Angela Harper, Parallel Path, VP of Operations.

We recently caught up with our three summer interns to share more about themselves and what inspired them to seek a Parallel Path internship. 

Reagan Kadlic 

What college and major? 

Elon University, Majoring in Economics and Psychology with a minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies.

What attracted you to Parallel Path for the internship? 

Parallel Path is a great community as well as a great company. The people that make up Parallel Path are incredibly supportive, generous, and outgoing, which makes for a very special and fun workplace community. The emphasis on positive relationships between coworkers and clients is something that I think is incredibly important and seeing that in action at Parallel Path has been really insightful.

What’s your favorite brand and why? 

I love the Kindle brand! I am a big reader and Kindle makes reading so easy and accessible at any time by having special devices, phone and tablet apps, and selling through Amazon. Additionally, they make reading a really engaging experience: they offer seasonal achievements, and unique recommendations, and allow highlighting and note-taking on every device. It makes reading with ease much more achievable, which is probably a large part of why I’ve stuck with the hobby for so long!

What’s your dream job?

I am really interested in the field of neuroeconomics, which is basically a combination of psychology, economics, and neuroscience. It focuses on things such as understanding and predicting decision making, placing value on items, following through on plans of action, etc. Ideally, I would conduct research in this field or possibly implement neuroeconomic learnings in a practical work setting.

Annie Kim

College and Major? 

Colorado State University, Business Administration Concentrating in Marketing, Minoring in Entrepreneurship

What attracted you to Parallel Path for the internship? 

I was attracted to Parallel Path because of their passion for real and meaningful action behind their work. In my own life, pursuing adventure and building healthy habits have been incredibly impactful. I found that Parallel Path’s mission to help humans flourish through health, lifestyle, and wellness brands aligned well with my own values!

What’s your favorite brand and why?

My favorite brand is Black Diamond. Their equipment enables me to do a lot of things I love outside. I love how their brand not only sells the equipment but shares inspiring stories of different people in the outdoor community and is working towards a more sustainable and diverse brand.

What’s your dream job?

My dream job would be to run an outdoor program for a high school or a college. I would love to help more people create healthy lifestyles outdoors and take more people on adventures as an educational experience.

Jack Day

What College and Major?  

University of Colorado, Majored in Strategic Communication emphasizing in Strategic Advertising with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Real Estate.

What attracted you to Parallel Path for the internship? 

I was attracted to Parallel Path because of its ambitious mindset. Parallel Path not only wants to grow themselves, but they strive and make it a priority to help brands grow as well. I was also attracted to their core value of teamwork and how no individual is more important than the team.

What’s your favorite brand and why? 

My favorite brand is YETI. Their products are tough and durable, but they also do a great job branding themselves. YETI produces branded content that aligns with its brand while also telling great stories.

What’s your dream job?

My dream job as a kid was to be a truck driver, but now after learning about the digital marketing space in both school and in my internship it is something I would like to pursue as a future career.


If you or someone you know is interested in being considered for our next internship cycle please contact Parallel Path at [email protected]