Parallel Path Corp. Announces InSight™ PPC Reporting System

Sophisticated Dashboard for Monitoring Pay Per Click Marketing Performance

Boulder, Colorado (PRWEB) 31 March 2010.  Internet marketing agency Parallel Path Corporation announced today the availability of their new InSight™ PPC reporting system for the company’s pay-per-click (PPC) management clients. InSight gathers, merges, and abstracts detailed PPC data from multiple sources to provide a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use dashboard of PPC information for evaluation and monitoring, and to support campaign decision-making.

The larger and more diverse the PPC advertising program is, the more difficult it is for the advertiser to maintain adequate visibility and control. InSight provides robust PPC reporting and campaign intelligence at the client’s fingertips for even the most complex programs. The InSight system gathers PPC campaign data from a variety of ad publishers, including Google, Bing, and Ask, and combines it with revenue data from analytics and ecommerce packages, like Omniture and Google Analytics, to provide unique visibility into PPC campaign performance. This broad data capture capability enables Parallel Path to provide clients with unique cross-publisher visibility, so they can, for instance, quickly make decisions on the most profitable advertising allocation between the different search engines. For ecommerce operations, InSight enables clients to evaluate their PPC investment on return on advertising spend (ROAS), the ideal metric by which to judge and manage PPC performance. Other InSight features, including easy comparison of date ranges, a repository for monthly performance reports and other documents, and printable reports combine to make InSight a unique, enterprise-class PPC reporting dashboard for Parallel Path clients.

Parallel Path has long developed proprietary tools to improve service performance and scalability. InSight represents Parallel Path’s first step in the development of proprietary SEO and PPC reporting tools.

Said Brian Cleveland, Parallel Path’s founder and CEO, “the PPC reporting dashboard is the first of many reporting tools we’ll be rolling out under the InSight umbrella. Our goal is to provide our clients with best-in-class monitoring and decision-making capabilities, regardless of their advertising budget or the breadth of their campaigns.”

A Peek at InSight

Here’s a quick look at what clients will see when they log in to the secure InSight website:

About Parallel Path Corporation

Founded in 2005 in Boulder, Colorado, Parallel Path is an innovative and results-driven Internet marketing firm that partners with clients to grow their business through customized Internet marketing strategies. Parallel Path develops and deploys complete Internet campaigns using the entire online toolset: search, display, social, mobile, and local. Passionate about Internet marketing, Parallel Path delivers the in-depth expertise, along with implementation consulting for clients’ marketing, IT, sales, and related teams, to achieve powerful and measurable marketing results.

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