Parallel Path Corp. Announces New Client Intelligent Office.

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Powerful Mix of Online Marketing Services Will Grow Franchisee Revenue
Boulder, Colorado (PRWEB) November 1, 2011. Internet marketing agency Parallel Path Corporation announced today the addition of new client Intelligent Office. Parallel Path will be providing Intelligent Office and their franchisees across North America with a mix of services, including search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) management, and their Aha!Local™ local listing optimization, designed to grow franchisee revenue.
Intelligent Office, a virtual, professionally staffed office space for mobile executives and small businesses provides virtual office services: part-time or temporary office space; receptionist services; postal boxes; and anything else that customers require to operate in a professional environment without the overhead of actually operating an office. Not only do they provide a full range of office-related services, but they do so at some of the most prestigious business addresses in the cities in which they operate. When their prospective customers are presented with these services, the sale is easy.
“The challenge for Intelligent Office is that many of our prospective customers are unaware that these services even exist, so they aren’t necessarily searching for them,” said Louie Beaupre, executive vice president of marketing for Intelligent Office. “Identifying what they are searching for, and guiding them to Intelligent Office solutions, presents a unique internet marketing challenge, which is why we turned to Parallel Path.”
Parallel Path specializes in creative online marketing campaigns to tackle tough problems like that of Intelligent Office. While creative, these campaigns are very data-driven, deliver high return on investment and, as in the case of Intelligent Office, frequently involve several online marketing channels. “Parallel Path specializes in creating campaigns to solve difficult online marketing problems,” said Brian Cleveland CEO and founder of Parallel Path, “and, equally as important, then helping our clients execute those campaigns in a resource-constrained environment.”
About Parallel Path Corporation
Founded in 2005 in Boulder, Colorado, Parallel Path is an innovative and data-driven Internet marketing firm that partners with clients to grow their business through customized Internet marketing strategies. Parallel Path develops and deploys complete Internet campaigns using the entire online toolset: search, display, social, mobile, and local. Passionate about Internet marketing, Parallel Path delivers the in-depth expertise, along with implementation consulting for clients’ marketing, IT, sales, and related teams, to achieve powerful and measurable marketing results. With their Aha!Local service, Parallel Path also delivers online marketing solutions to brick-and-mortar business operators and franchisors as well. For more information, please call 303-396-1111, visit, follow @parallelpath on Twitter or ‘Like’ Parallel Path Internet Marketing on Facebook.