Parallel Path Welcomes Dana Haltiwanger Strub as Senior Performance Media Manager

Parallel Path is very excited to welcome Dana Haltiwanger Strub to our team as Senior Performance Media Manager. 

Before starting her journey at Parallel Path, Dana worked at Infinity Marketing as a Media Buyer and Planner and then as an Account Manager at VantagePoint Marketing. With over seven years of marketing and media buying experience under her belt, Dana will undoubtedly bring another level of expertise to our team and enhance growth for our client partners. 

Dana aligned with Parallel Path’s mission for helping ambitious health, wellness, and lifestyle clients and the customers they serve. Due to a history of health issues in her extended family that were mostly caused by lifestyle decisions, health and wellness have always been a priority in her daily life and interests. Dana is excited to work with teammates and client partners that share the same passion. “I am looking forward to helping spread awareness of the amazing work that our clients are doing to help improve the lives of others.” 

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