Growing a Multi-Location Ophthalmology Clinic with a New Brand Strategy

Client Overview

EVP Eyecare is a prominent name in the ophthalmology sector, known for providing high-quality eye care services. Their focus on advanced eye health solutions and patient-centered care distinguishes them in the medical field. Established with a vision to offer specialized eye care, EVP Eyecare has grown into a network of top-tier ophthalmology clinics. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including cataract surgery, LASIK, and other advanced vision correction procedures. With a team of experienced specialists and a commitment to using cutting-edge technology, EVP Eyecare prioritizes patient safety and satisfaction, making them a trusted name in eye health and vision enhancement.



As a growing and acquisitive company, EVP Eyecare needed a scalable marketing program that could be used across its family of brands as it expands. The strategy and marketing execution must link together through a common brand strategy while considering the unique characteristics of locally-focused ophthalmology practices, with a mix of new and legacy practice brands. Additionally, EVP needed a clear brand proposition to build awareness and better distinguish itself from other competitors in the industry.



To reframe the EVP brand, we took a deep dive into consumer needs and motivations from our health and wellness research study and by understanding current and prospective ophthalmology patients. Several insights came from our research:

The barrier of fear: Fear impacts decisions in vision correction. Sight is so essential to the concept of living that people feel some sort of an existential attachment to it, as if to lose their sight would be akin to losing life altogether.

Craving personalization: Consumers’ vision and their candidacy for a procedure is a very personal and individualized journey. And the amount and type of information they need to make a decision will vary.

Innovative procedure curiosity: Eye patients are looking for innovative solutions to support their vision goals – specifically elective vision correction in lens-based surgeries (versus LASIK)

A more proactive mindset: Consumers are recognizing that vision correction is a form of self-improvement. It’s becoming part of their health and wellness journey. By 2040, two-thirds of healthcare spending will likely be on well-being and early detection of diseases.



To achieve its growth ambitions and to tie EVP’s disparate brands together with a unifying purpose, we focused on several key elements to elevate the brand and put a targeted marketing plan in place:

Brand consistency & scalability: We developed an EVP overarching brand strategy around a “Better Vision for Fuller Lives” to drive clarity and consistency regarding patient experience and results, differentiate among competitors, and allow for more local scalability.

Marketing strategy: We created an integrated customer journey-aligned marketing strategy to create awareness for each EVP brand while capturing relevant eye care consumer demand in each market. This marketing strategy established the strategic framework for how Parallel Path leads and supports EVP’s marketing priorities.

Creative and media strategy: We mapped content, messaging, form factor (i.e., webinar, video, blog post, etc) and media channels to align with target customers and their stages in the purchasing journey. The output of this strategy informs ongoing content execution requirements, media planning, and current and new website approaches.




Services Provided

  • Market research
  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Media planning and strategy
  • Creative concepting
  • Creative toolkit
  • Content creation
  • Paid media 
  • Landing pages
  • Search engine optimization
  • Data and analytics


Client Quote

“Parallel Path is the agency partner I’ve always searched for. Their dedicated support has been instrumental in driving the growth of our multi-location presence. Their strategic partnership has instilled deep confidence in our ability to enhance patient growth across all our locations. This collaboration has led to meaningful advancements in our overall marketing and business performance, setting us on a path marked by clarity and optimism for the future.”

– Beth Wendt, Vice President of Growth

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