Increasing Patient Acquisition for OhioHealth, Central Ohio’s Largest Health System

OhioHealth client story

Client Overview

OhioHealth is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit, charitable, healthcare outreach of the United Methodist Church. OhioHealth has 35,000 associates, physicians, and volunteers and a network of 12 hospitals, 200+ ambulatory sites, hospice, home health, medical equipment, and other health services spanning 47 Ohio counties.

OhioHealth has been recognized six times as one of the top five large health systems in America by IBM Watson Health TM.

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As OhioHealth’s digital marketing partner, Parallel Path was tasked with aligning marketing strategies to OhioHealth’s key business and marketing initiatives such as amplifying awareness and increasing market share around priority service areas.

Health systems have their own unique challenges of scaled marketing compared to single hospital locations.

With multiple locations, diverse services, and broad healthcare consumer needs, a health system marketing strategy has to support both the unifying brand and the specific needs of each organization within the health system.


Healthcare is an always-evolving landscape and OhioHealth needs to have a partner with extensive experience, perspective, and agility, with the ability to execute at scale. While health systems are a collection of numerous sites and services under a single brand umbrella, for the consumer, healthcare services are very localized and specific. Therefore a health system like OhioHealth, which spans 47 counties, is really a collection of smaller local geographic campaigns and strategies.

The digital interaction between the healthcare consumer and the health system is intimate, personalized, and specific.


Parallel Path worked with key OhioHealth leaders to seamlessly execute digital-first marketing strategies and solutions for each marketing priority.

Parallel Path developed multiple marketing strategies that integrated digital media and search engine marketing to amplify the reach of OhioHealth’s value proposition in the Ohio market.



  1. OhioHealth experienced record increases in market awareness and market reach at greater levels of efficiency as demonstrated by the following key performance indicators.

  2. OhioHealth experienced a 40% increase in paid search traffic at lower costs-per- click and an 88% improvement in click-through-rate. This resulted in OhioHealth realizing an all-time low cost per healthcare consumer interaction via search engine marketing despite industry trending increases in cost-per-click.

  3. The increase in market penetration and engagement earned OhioHealth an 87% increase in digital-driven conversions and 56X greater search engine visibility for branded and non-branded search queries compared to the next highest competitor in the Ohio market.

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