3 Disruptive Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Things change fast in the digital world, where new technologies alter the way consumers communicate and behave. To future-proof their marketing strategies, it’s important for businesses to know what’s coming, so they can grow and adapt to the ever-shifting digital landscape. A Big Chunk of Change Whatever the date on the calendar, one truth remains […]

What Are The Differences Between Advertising and Marketing?

Many people think marketing and advertising are the same, but they’re missing out on the nuances of each term. To make things even more complicated, you could ask a dozen professionals what each term means, and they’d all give different answers. But, each answer would (hopefully) share a common theme: The fact that advertising is […]

Marketers Need to be Accountable for Revenue

  What Is the Role of Marketing in Revenue Generation? With the growth of digital, it is now possible to connect the dots between marketing and revenue. If you aren’t sure if your marketing dollars are really impacting your bottom line, it’s time to find out. A Changed Landscape For decades, business owners have regarded […]

What Does It Really Mean To Be Data-Driven?

  Pulling Reports vs. Using Data To Drive Decisions We’ve talked about the importance of data as it pertains to your website and marketing strategies, but what does it really mean to be “data-driven”? Let’s take a look at what that term truly means, including what it means for your business and how you can […]

The GDPR and Its Global Impact On Marketing

  What Marketers Need to Know About the GDPR On May 25, 2018, the European Union will officially begin enforcing the new General Data Protection Regulation, arguably the most comprehensive, stringent and consequential regulation to be implemented in over 20 years. Whereas the previous Data Protection Directive (rolled out in 1995) protected EU consumers mostly […]

Social Media Managers! Beware of Hootsuite Auto-Schedule for Instagram

  Does Hootsuite Instagram Update Negatively Impact the Algorithm? As you may know, Hootsuite for Instagram did not previously have any type of a “set and forget” type of scheduling for your Instagram posts. Rather than a post being automatically posted to the platform through your desktop, you actually had to manually post on the […]

SEO: Not Just for The Top of The Funnel

  SEO Can Be Present at All Stages of Customer Journey Often the first touchpoint of the customer experience, SEO should be an integral component of your entire purchase funnel or loyalty loop. Far more than a one-time project, comprehensive SEO is an ongoing digital marketing effort that factors heavily into each phase of the […]

What Is Good B2B Content?

  5 Fundamentals to Developing Good B2B Content Good content bridges the gap between your competitive advantage and your customer’s needs. But what exactly makes content “good”? Here is our guide for developing engaging, sharable content that offers real value to readers. The Fundamental Ingredients To understand what makes content good or bad, it helps […]

Facebook News Feed Update

  10 Strategy Adjustments for Businesses By now, you may have heard the big news about the Facebook News Feed Update that Facebook released at the end of this past week. Facebook will be prioritizing posts from friends and families over those posted by Pages (businesses, brands, and publishers).  Here is our take on the […]

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