Children’s Hospital of Colorado First Pediatric Hospital in U.S. to Offer 3D Printed Casts

Megan JoosteNews/Press

Over 25 kiddos have already received a 3D printed cast from the innovative team at Children’s Hospital of Colorado. That’s 25 kids who can keep running, climbing, and swimming this summer thanks to the technology that prints waterproof, breathable, and adjustable casts that let kids keep being kids, even while healing from a broken bone or sprained wrist. 

Letting Kids Be Kids While They Heal

Children’s Hospital of Colorado is the first pediatric hospital in the United States to offer this ground-breaking technology, a welcome alternative to those itchy, bulky casts we all remember from our own childhoods. These 3D printed casts promise to be more comfortable during the healing process, letting kids be as active as they wish to be as they heal. Additionally, the completely waterproof casts let kids practice safe hand hygiene, of particular importance during the current global pandemic.

“Babies, kids and teens can all wear 3D printed casts. They won’t prevent kids and teens from enjoying many of their favorite activities like swimming, sports and playing with friends. The digital scanning process for fitting is quick — typically less than a minute — and ensures optimal rest and healing.” — Children’s Hospital of Colorado

Comfortable and Customizable Casts

The 3D casts printed at Children’s Hospital of Colorado are FDA approved, and help treat broken bones and fractures, sprains, ligament injuries, and dislocations. To learn more about ordering a 3D cast for your own little one, you can call the hospital directly at 720-777-6600.

Although their friends won’t be able to sign their cast with a crayon, guaranteed they’ll appreciate being able to keep going about their lives thanks to Children’s Hospital of Colorado’s breakthrough 3D cast-printing technology. And, there are always stickers, if cast-decoration is what will make them smile.

For more information, visit the Children’s Hospital of Colorado 3D printed cast webpage.