United Health Foundation Gives $500K Towards Behavioral Health

The United Health Foundation has announced a gift of $500,000 towards behavioral needs for Colorado residents in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The donation, which was made to the Colorado Community Health Network, will support its Community Health Centers in Colorado. Says Patrick Gordon, President and Chief Executive Officer, Rocky Mountain Health Plans and UnitedHealthcare Community & State Colorado in a recent interview with abc: “Behavioral health is very important. We know that people are under a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety as the pandemic unfolds, and we know that providers are struggling….everybody is staying home to stay safe. What that means is that people are not going to the doctor as frequently as they normally would.”

Via the UnitedHealth Group press release: As significant providers of behavioral health services throughout Colorado, the Community Health Centers will conduct outreach to patients with ongoing mental health and substance use disorder conditions, care for patients with depression, anxiety and PTSD related to or exacerbated by COVID-19, and expand capabilities for behavioral health services via telephone and televideo.”

The effort is part of UnitedHealth Group’s initial $70 million commitment to fight COVID-19 and support impacted communities. “The behavioral health impacts of this pandemic are becoming apparent and it is essential that front-line providers like Federally Qualified Health Centers have the staff, resources, and technology they need to ensure both the health and well-being of their patients,” shares Patrick Gordon in a statement. “Our partnership with the Colorado Community Health Network will help sustain and expand much-needed behavioral health capacity to help Coloradans better cope with the mental and behavioral health impacts of COVID-19.”

The hope is that this grant infusion of financial support will help providers keep the lights on, and help keep health and wellness integrated across the state.

Read more about this wonderful effort to keep a spotlight on mental health during this important time in UnitedHealth Group’s press release. You can also learn more about Rocky Mountain Health Plans’ work with communities across Colorado on its Life on the Western Slope campaign page.

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