Amanda Williams Named Parallel Path’s Director of Integrated Strategy and Insights

Amanda Williams has been named Director of Integrated Strategy and Insights at Parallel Path. Parallel Path accelerates the growth of ambitious health and wellness brands by leveraging the power of digital-first marketing. Amanda is the ideal director to lead the Parallel Path Integrated Strategy and Insight practice due to her experience and alignment with Parallel Path’s vision of assisting humans in flourishing. 

Amanda is a seasoned strategist and marketer with nearly 20 years of experience in accelerating the growth of national brands through strategy, digital marketing, social media, partnerships, and live experiences. Amanda has used consumer insights to develop and implement successful marketing strategies for Abbott Nutrition (Pedialyte, Zone Perfect, EleCare, and various PediaSure products), EVP Eyecare, Express, Imagine Pediatrics, Kohl’s, the NCAA, Nationwide Children’s Hospital (On Our Sleeves), Procter & Gamble, Quaker, Rocky Mountain Health Plan, TENA, and Victoria’s Secret PINK.

“Amanda has been working with Parallel Path for several years so we have seen firsthand the craftsmanship, strategic approach, and work ethic she brings to achieving client goals,” said Parallel Path, CEO John Kadlic. “It’s a natural progression for her to officially join our team. “We are committed to delivering a high level of strategic excellence for our clients, and Amanda’s arrival ensures that mission is met.”

Amanda leads and manages all aspects of the marketing strategy department as Director of Integrated Strategy and Insights, establishing frameworks, methodologies, and processes based on consumer and B2B audience insights to create a unique, data-driven approach to developing successful client marketing strategies. Furthermore, Amanda and her team are committed to developing distinctive, research-based thought leadership at the intersection of digital-first marketing and the health and wellness industry.

Amanda is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and is based in Denver where she enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and painting.

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