Rocky Mountain Health Plan’s Film Content a Finalist at Brand Film Awards

Blood, a film by Rocky Mountain Health Plans with agency partner Parallel Path and film partner Roos Brothers and Greenpoint Pictures, has been named a 2020 finalist at the Brand Film Awards. The film, part of the 3-year award-winning Life on the Western Slopes (LOWS) campaign series, tells the stunning story of Andy Blood, who became paraplegic after a 2004 work accident but who worked tirelessly to be able to drive again—and help others do the same. 

Like the accompanying films in the campaign series, Blood tells an authentic story of grit and determination. The film is directed using a cinematic and documentary approach, and truly allows Andy Blood’s story to take the driver’s seat. The other ‘protagonists’ in the series include a rodeo star, an acoustic guitarist, award-winning dog sled racer, and dance club founder, each demonstrating in their own way the power of commitment and drive in order to achieve the life they want to live. 

This is the second time a Parallel Path / Roos Brothers collaboration has been selected for the Brand Film Festival. In 2018 a film in the series was also selected for the festival. 

The entire campaign has been a darling at recent film festivals and awards programs, including the 2018 and 2019 eHealthcare Leadership Award program, which recognizes the best websites and digital communications across the healthcare industry, a 2 time Webby Finalist, and an Official Selection at the Telluride Mountain Film Festival. The Redstone Pack film, which tells the story of Colorado’s Aaron Natoniewski who took an impromptu but determined leap into the world of competitive dog sledding, was a finalist in this year’s Banff Mountain Film Competition

The Life on the Western Slope film series anchors an integrated omni-channel campaign that Parallel Path developed for client partner Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) in order to increase awareness and customer acquisition. The award-winning campaign has driven more than 97 Million Brand Impressions, 11 Million Video Views, and 110,000 Campaign Landing Page Views. 

Parallel Path remains grateful to be working alongside ambitious health, wellness, and lifestyle brands across the country. Seeing our clients win awards for the work we’ve helped create with them is an honor. “It’s the brands like Rocky Mountain Health Plans,” says Parallel Path CCO Hardy Kalisher, “that have the courage to lead with authentic content that connects on a deeper level with its audience that will have more meaningful relationships with their customers.” 

Read more about the Life on the Western Slope integrated campaign on our case study page, and please reach out if you’d like to learn more about how our human-centric, data-driven approach to digital marketing uniquely serves brands across health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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