Digital Customer Experience in the Time of Coronavirus: Parallel Path Featured in eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

Parallel Path is pleased to share that “Digital Customer Experience in the Time of Coronavirus” authored by CCO Hardy Kalisher has been published in industry-leading publication eHealthcare Strategy & Trends. The article shares ways that organizations across healthcare and wellness can double down on digital customer experience in the time of social distancing, sheltering-in-place, and quarantine —and ensure their customers and patients know they can continue to reach and rely on them.

One way organizations can do this, Kalisher explains, is by being relevant: by designing messages and information around search behavior. “As news and updates on the rapidly evolving pandemic continue to inundate inboxes and newsfeeds across the country,” Kalisher explains, “it is more important than ever to ensure your time-sensitive messages reach your patients and families.

healthcare customer experienceAnother way to double down on customer service right now is to be responsive to patients and customers by employing AI. Kalisher explains: “The case for augmenting your human staff with artificial intelligence that can help triage questions and concerns has never been stronger…It’s not at all difficult to get started. There is an increasing number of high-functioning chatbots specifically designed for use in healthcare settings. Chatbots can take the load off telehealth, which is groaning under the weight of exponentially more patients wanting to access remote care.”

Lastly, Kalisher suggests healthcare organizations should be ultra-reachable to their customers and patients, and consider SMS for urgent messages. “Everybody’s inbox is drowning right now,” Kalisher explains, “and social media channels are saturated with coronavirus-related news, articles, commentary, and memes. Consider using new channels, such as HIPAA-compliant SMS Luma Health to ensure urgent messages make their way to your patients and families.”

At Parallel Path, we strive to be the best possible strategic consultant and peer to our client partners. Especially now, when organizations across the health and wellness industry have had to be more responsive and flexible than ever, it’s of paramount importance to us that we share current, relevant, and actionable insights from our work across the industry. We remain grateful for the trust that our client partners put in us—at this time, and always.

You can read the full article on eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, and please reach out if you want to learn more about how Parallel Path uniquely helps health, wellness, and lifestyle brands increase their visibility and impact through digital marketing.

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