Parallel Path Named One of Denver’s Largest Agencies

Parallel Path Digital Marketing Agency has been named one of Denver’s largest agencies by the Denver Business Journal. Parallel Path is a Boulder-based agency that helps ambitious health, wellness, and lifestyle brands grow faster through the power of digital marketing. 

“This ranking demonstrates the value client partners have found in our approach and ability to support their goals and growth,” said Hardy Kalisher, Parallel Path Chief Client Officer. “Anyone with a laptop can activate digital marketing tactics, there are few barriers of entry, but agencies that actually drive growth and achieve business objectives become true partners. We are thrilled our effort continues to be reflected in our market leadership.”

Since 2006, Parallel Path has combined proven and innovative digital marketing tools and strategies with a passion for a healthy and active lifestyle to help businesses and organizations across the Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle industries amplify their reach and experience unprecedented growth. 

“Our agency’s continued success starts with choosing client partners that have the perfect fit for our values and expertise,” continued Hardy Kalisher. “Our best relationships are those that are founded as true strategic partnerships, and we are proud to have established that standing with our client partners.”

The Denver Business Journal list of 2020 Largest Denver-Area Advertising Agencies is a who’s who listing of successful advertising agencies in the Denver area. 

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