Parallel Path Expands Client Support With treetree Agency Partnership

Here at Parallel Path, we are more than just marketers, analysts, and technicians. We are artisans! Our team cares deeply about the work we do and we put our personal stamp on it everyday. We have extremely high standards and are always thinking ahead. Parallel Path has been crafting and deploying highly-effective marketing solutions for our clients since 2006 and our passion and reason for being is – and always has been – to help our clients achieve unprecedented growth and impact through the power of digital marketing.

In the interest of being a full agency resource for our valued clients, we sometimes partner with other agencies to ensure all their needs can be met through a single source. While the work we do at Parallel Path is generally long term and data driven, sometimes our clients have short term special projects that arise that might not fit so neatly into our existing scope. That’s where treetree comes in!

Meet treetree

treetree is the agency of special projects. What is a special project? While there isn’t a standard size or timeline, it’s any strategic creative that clients deem to be urgent and important, but don’t have the bandwidth or capabilities to complete internally.

treetree has been around since 2009 and is based out of Columbus, Ohio, where Parallel Path’s CEO, John Kadlic, has spent over 25 years in the digital marketing industry.

In early 2020, John and Becca Apfelstadt, CEO and co-founder of treetree, met for breakfast at one of Columbus’ favorite restaurants, Northstar. It was during this time they realized that together, there were more opportunities to make a bigger impact on our respective clients and in the marketplace as a whole by offering our services to clients at both agencies. And voilà, a partnership was born!

Expanded Client Support

While Parallel Path specializes in high-performing digital marketing, treetree specializes in creative execution, including creative strategy and design. By bringing two partners with complementary expertise and diverse perspectives to the table, clients at both agencies benefit from this additional collaboration and idea development.

Today, clients are looking for partners that can be flexible and adapt with them. This strategic partnership allows us to pick what’s right for each client and deploy the precise services, team members, and engagement structure that work best for each specific situation. The result is a wide range of projects and services that can be custom fit to clients at both agencies.

Parallel Path will strengthen treetree’s digital marketing capabilities and give their clients access to digital insights, strategy, paid media, SEO, website development, and data & analytics. treetree will provide Parallel Path with the capability to think experientially and to provide the best possible creative and design solutions. Our agencies are excited to come together and help our clients in a more comprehensive way, without adding any extra steps or complications for them.

Shared Values

At Parallel Path we care deeply about the values that the people that we work with possess. With every partnership you need to check boxes around capabilities, services, operations and logistics. But at the end of day, we want to ensure our partners are ones that put their clients first, and are full of the people we want to work and collaborate with. In meeting the team at treetree, the answer for us was unequivocally, yes!

“I trust that treetree can handle anything and that they will continue to help us flourish and reach the ambitions that we have for our clients. We’re on a mission together and we’re going to get it done because we have the right teams in place to make it all happen,” says John Kadlic, CEO of Parallel Path.

If you’d like to learn more about how Parallel Path and treetree can support you, drop us a line at

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