Parallel Path Releases Comprehensive Consumer Motivation Study on Health & Wellness Brand Engagement

Boulder, CO – Parallel Path, a leading health and wellness marketing agency, today unveiled the results of its groundbreaking research study entitled “Health & Wellness Reimagined: A Guide for Brands to Create Stronger Connections.” The report, conducted in conjunction with an independent research firm, aims to redefine understanding and marketing strategies in the rapidly growing $1.5 trillion global health and wellness industry.

The full report, now available for download at, covers the nuances of health & wellness consumer motivations and provides actionable insights for brands seeking to build authentic, lasting relationships.

Key Findings:

  1. Consumer motivations play a more significant role than demographics in influencing purchase decisions. The desire for brand engagement goes beyond age, gender, or ethnicity.
  2. While being a purpose-driven brand resonates with some, it doesn’t apply to all. Understanding the purpose that appeals to different segments is crucial.
  3. Health & wellness is not just a niche; it’s a growing priority for consumers, with 25% engaging more with health & wellness brands than in previous years.
  4. Consumers value peer reviews and opinions just as much, if not more, than what brands say about themselves.

Additionally, the research identified four distinct health & wellness consumer segments:

  • Self-Focused (29%) – Seeking personalized attention from brands.
  • Solution-Focused (24%) – Valuing product effectiveness and brands that elevate their quality of life.
  • Mission-Focused (25%) – Drawn to brands with a significant mission or purpose.
  • Dismissives (23%) – Skeptical of brand relationships and prefer straightforward interactions.

Interestingly, younger consumers (Gen Z and Millennials) predominantly fall under the Self-Focused category, while older generations (Boomers and the Silent Generation) lean towards the Dismissive segment.

John Kadlic, CEO of Parallel Path, emphasized the importance of understanding consumer motivations. “Looking beyond the stereotypes, it’s clear that the health & wellness industry needs to refine its marketing strategies. It’s not about how much you spend, but understanding your audience’s core desires,” Kadlic stated.

“Understanding the health and wellness consumer is no longer just about demographics. In today’s complex marketplace, it’s about delving deeper into their motivations, preferences, and the intricate dynamics of their relationship with brands. Our study not only offers insights but provides a roadmap for brands to genuinely connect, engage, and grow alongside their customers in a meaningful way.” – Amanda Williams, Sr. Director, Client Experience and Integrated Strategy at Parallel Path.

By recognizing and addressing the distinct motivations and needs of different consumer segments, brands can foster more meaningful, lasting relationships.

Brand leaders can access the study here:


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Hardy Kalisher
Chief Growth Officer

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