MedVet, a Leader in Critical Pet Care, Partners with Parallel Path

Parallel Path, a premier health and wellness marketing agency, continues its strong growth by partnering with MedVet and its sister company, Veterinary Eye Institute (VEI). This significant collaboration underscores Parallel Path’s commitment to advancing health and wellbeing by extending its expertise to the veterinary care sector.

Parallel Path will partner MedVet and VEI to build awareness of its veterinary-owned and led critical pet care services across emergency, urgent care, and a wide range of specialties. Additionally, Parallel Path will help MedVet enhance its data and analytics capabilities to build further intelligence into its business and marketing operations to support families with important pet care needs.

“As we continue to grow and expand our impact on families with important pet care needs, we are excited to be partnering with Parallel Path as they have the experience and consultative approach we value and are equally as passionate about our mission and values,” said Sarah Berger, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer at MedVet.

Parallel Path is honored to play a pivotal role in MedVet and Veterinary Eye Institute’s journey towards expanding their reach and influence for delivering unmatched pet care. The agency is poised to bring forward its rich experience and deep health and wellness marketing insights to this exciting new venture.

“We are incredibly excited to embark on this journey with MedVet and their sister company, the Veterinary Eye Institute. Their remarkable reputation and dedication to providing comprehensive care resonate well with our core values at Parallel Path,” expressed John Kadlic, CEO of Parallel Path. “We see a great opportunity to leverage our expertise in health and wellness marketing to foster growth and facilitate unparalleled success in their important endeavor to offer compassionate care to pets and their families. This partnership marks the beginning of a collaboration aimed at reaching greater heights together, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the opportunities that lie ahead.”

About MedVet:

MedVet stands tall as the leading veterinarian-owned and led network of specialty, emergency hospitals, and urgent care facilities dedicated to delivering unmatched care and support to pets and their families. Anchored in the core values of Teamwork, Leadership, and Compassion, MedVet promises a deeply nurturing and supportive environment for pets and their loving families.

About Veterinary Eye Institute:

A sister company of MedVet, the Veterinary Eye Institute (VEI) has etched its mark as a leading veterinarian-owned and led network of standalone ophthalmology practices since its inception in 2012. Grounded in a mission to enhance visual clarity and comfort for pets in a kind, collaborative, and compassionate manner, VEI brings forth top-notch facilities designed with the utmost care and comfort for patients and clients.

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