Parallel Path Announces Strategic Rebrand to Align With Health and Wellness Focus

BOULDER, CO, OCT 5, 2023 – Parallel Path, a renowned leader in health and wellness marketing, today announced a strategic rebrand that encompasses more than a visual refresh; it signifies a deeper commitment to inspiring change and championing wellbeing. The rebrand reflects the company’s commitment to partnering with brands that are shaping a healthier future.



Parallel Path CEO, John Kadlic, stated, “This strategic evolution signifies our resolve to navigate uncharted territories in health and wellness, and to be at the forefront of innovation in marketing and ad technology. It’s not merely about changing our logo and color scheme, but about amplifying our vision and enhancing our promise to our client partners.”


The rebrand includes the launch of several transformative initiatives, including comprehensive consumer health and wellness research studies and a proprietary consumer panel. These resources will empower Parallel Path to provide swift, in-depth feedback and perspective on brand strategies, creative concepts, new ideas, and go-to-market plans.



The company has also revamped its offerings by integrating advanced AI solutions and additional content and creative services. These enhancements are designed to ensure their client brands stay at the leading edge of the health and wellness industry.


“In essence, our rebrand enhances the quality of our partnership with our clients,” Kadlic explained. “We’re bringing sharper strategies, more impactful results, a deeper focus on research, and an even more committed partner. Our transformation underscores our promise to champion our clients’ success in a world where wellness wins.”


Parallel Path remains steadfast in its dedication to gaining a profound understanding of today’s health and wellness consumers. The company’s commitment to research and thought leadership initiatives will continue to provide critical insights and proactive, data-driven recommendations for its client partners.



Ultimately, the rebrand embodies Parallel Path’s unwavering dedication to making a meaningful impact on the world through health and wellness. The company is excited about this vibrant new chapter of its story, providing leadership, and increasing the momentum of brands at the forefront of health and wellness.

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