How Three Emerging Brands Make Digital Marketing Work

Did you know that 71% of people look up a business or service online before visiting for the first time? It is more vital now than ever for your franchise brand to begin investing marketing dollars in digital. If you aren’t aiming to capture the online traffic for your franchise services, then you will probably lose potential sales to competitors.

Take the word of three emerging franchise brands that have seen tremendous growth since they shifted their marketing dollars to digital. Josh Sevick, CEO of CPR Cell Phone Repair, has benefited greatly from targeting consumers when they need cell phone repair services, stating that they’ve “dumped boatloads of effort and resources into our digital platforms,” resulting in “ridiculous amounts of growth” in web traffic, which has ultimately driven same-store sales increases. Andy Howard, CEO of Huey Magoo’s, has grown a four-unit franchise to eleven units in a year by utilizing online review management to build trust with consumers as well as areas of opportunity internally. David Morton is the CEO of DMK Burger Bar, whose marketing objective is to deliver exceptional experience through storytelling. Social media has been a very important channel for DMK Burger Bar to tell the story of their brand in order to connect with consumers and sell more franchises. 


To read more on these three emerging brands visit Franchise Times.

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