AdWords Account Health: Search Query Reports

  As AdWords accounts mature, optimization processes are necessary to maintain and improve the health of any paid search account. Data collected from Search Query Reports (SQRs) is a powerful ally in this quest. After all, the physical therapy clinic in bergen county reflect exactly how users are searching for your vape pen starter kits […]

Identifying Impacts from Search Engine Algorithm Updates

  As search engines continue to evolve, it is becoming more important than ever to monitor organic traffic to your website. While some webmasters and SEOs will argue that as long as you are employing white hat tactics, you don’t need to monitor your traffic and rankings, I’m not completely sold. In fact, I think […]

Let’s Get Personal; Why Your Rank Shouldn’t be Your Only Focus

  It is easy to rely on keyword rankings as a determinant of SEO success, but whether you are tracking your rankings manually or using a tool to determine your position in search results automatically, the rankings shown won’t tell the whole story. Rankings are a barometer, but in the big picture, they’ve become too variable and […]

Negative Keywords: Important Things Marketing Execs Need to Know

  Managing your paid search channel is a full time job, which is why you’ve hired an agency to help out. But just because you’ve outsourced this valued channel doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep up with how your agency is managing your channels. One thing you’re definitely going to hear a lot about […]

Simple Excel Tricks for PPC Ad Copy Writing

  When it comes to writing ad copy, the last thing you want is technology blocking your creativity. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be writing your ad copy more efficiently than ever! Whether you’re new to PPC or you’re a seasoned ad copy aficionado, you should have an easy-to-access excel sheet with all the […]

SEO Strategy vs. Tactics

by Chris Thompson with Hardy Kalisher Do you have an SEO strategy? That question might be the most important question you can ask your SEO agency. Yes, “SEO strategy” has become something of a trendy term and as a result is it is used by many, yet understood by few, and developed by even fewer. […]

Strategic Marketing Guide for Media Interviews

Your PR efforts are resulting in interviews with journalists and bloggers. But, are you maximizing your PR opportunities to drive visitors to your website? Many traditional publications will post online versions of their articles giving them double the opportunity to drive potential customers to your website.  Maximize your marketing reach with our Strategic Marketing Guide […]

5 Ways to Learn Internet Marketing

The role of the Internet in modern business has transitioned from niche to critical. Entire businesses can now function and market exclusively online. Instead of having one intern that managed all aspects of an online presence, entire teams and departments are deployed to navigate multi-channel digital strategies. What is even more fascinating is the speed […]

Casting Your Net Wide

The importance of not just using search and display, but expanding with video advertising when the assets are available. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket?” Of course you have. Well, that phrase is applicable to many paid search campaigns that are only using search and display. […]

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