Holistic Wellness for Gen Z Women: Trends and Challenges

In today’s fast-paced world, the landscape of health and wellness is constantly evolving, driven by the diverse needs and perspectives of different demographic groups. Among these, Gen Z women stand out as a formidable force, shaping trends and influencing conversations around holistic well-being. Shaped by digital technology and evolving societal norms, Gen Z as a […]

Cultivating Wellness: Prioritizing Mental Health in May and Beyond

As Mental Health Awareness Month continues through the month of May, Parallel Path stands firm in our dedication to prioritizing mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of modern work culture, we have always believed in fostering a supportive environment where mental wellness has a chance to thrive. At […]

Abbey Stith joins Parallel Path as Senior Project Manager

Parallel Path welcomes Abbey Stith as our newest Senior Project Manager. With a rich operational background spanning higher education, professional sports, and food and ingredient marketing, Abbey brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to our team. Throughout her career, Abbey has been a dynamic force, adept at navigating high-pressure environments and meeting tight […]

Scheduling for Success: Maximizing Capacity in Multi-Location Organizations

At Parallel Path, we understand the critical role capacity optimization plays in the success of multi-location organizations. Operating in the dynamic landscape of health and wellness marketing, maximizing capacity is not just a matter of operational efficiency; it’s a crucial component of maintaining a thriving market presence and ensuring the delivery of quality patient care […]

Navigating HIPAA Compliance: Best Practices for Data Tracking in Healthcare Marketing

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, data collection is an essential requirement to craft an effective strategy. However, for businesses in the health and wellness sector, particularly those governed by HIPAA regulations, navigating the complexities of data collection becomes even more critical. It’s important to note that while we are not legal experts at […]

Increasing Membership for a Large Chain of Fitness Centers

Members using Fitness Connection gym equipment

Client Overview Founded in 1999, Fitness Connection is a category leader in the “High Value, Low Price” (HVLP) fitness segment, offering the full range of amenities and services of a large, full-service premium club for a low monthly fee. Memberships include access to state-of-the-art strength / cardio equipment, functional training areas, women’s only workout areas, […]

Growing a Multi-Location Ophthalmology Clinic with a New Brand Strategy

Male senior getting his eyes examined by an opthamologist

Client Overview EVP Eyecare is a prominent name in the ophthalmology sector, known for providing high-quality eye care services. Their focus on advanced eye health solutions and patient-centered care distinguishes them in the medical field. Established with a vision to offer specialized eye care, EVP Eyecare has grown into a network of top-tier ophthalmology clinics. […]

Scaling Multi-Location Healthcare Organizations: A Playbook Approach

Managing a multi-location health and wellness organization can be a tricky business. Rooms need to be filled, appointments need to be booked, and providers need to be busy. Balancing all of these demands simultaneously is a challenging exercise. Taking a “one size fits all” approach can be efficient, but you will likely leave opportunities on […]

Tackling Super Bowl Ads: The Best and the Worst

Well, we broke the record for the most-watched program in U.S. television history on Sunday. Kansas City’s victory over San Francisco averaged 123.4 million viewers across TV and streaming services – which is a 7% increase from last year’s game. While the game itself was worth the watch, (only the second Super Bowl game to […]

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