Managing Director of Performance Media, Willow Smith, Speaks on “Media Champions”

Earlier this month, Managing Director of Performance Media, Willow Smith, joined MaryTherese Griffin on “Media Champions” to discuss a few topics including the importance of agency collaboration when building out a media plan. Willow and her performance media team at Parallel Path have firsthand experience working in tandem with our clients and, as she says,  “working with an agency means you can take advantage of the collective brainpower and experience of all employees vs. just relying on one person’s experience”. Willow also shares how Parallel Path intentionally partners with companies and brands whose missions aim to improve human flourishing and world wellbeing.

“Media Champions” is a show on Daily Ad Brief where subject-matter experts are able to share industry tips, tricks, trends, and best practices.  To hear what else she has to say, check out the full interview here.