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Kickball and marketing – can you imagine two activities more similar? Both have enormous competition, complicated strategy, and both come naturally to our team at Parallel Path.

With a little practice, and after overcoming a bunting scandal, Parallel Path just kept winning. Some say it was our excellent choice in craft beers. Others suggest it was our radical decision to forgo the provided uniform for our classic anniversary tees. Either way, our team came together with strength and speed to decisively win this year’s AdClub – Ad2 Kickball Tournament.


Tom’s Throw:

“His glasses were stifling, they narrowed his vision. And he must see far. His beer was heavy. It threw him off balance. And his target is far away.”  – 300

Tom Kennedy’s tournament-winning home plate throw knocked the wind out of Booyah’s base runner, and out of their team’s sails.

Miles’ Dingers

On loan from the LMU Lions Soccer Team, Co-Captain & Intern Miles Chow proved his worth with consistent rockets deep to left field. Those that didn’t fly over the head of even the deepest outfielder were often too powerful to catch, and resulted in many runs.


The team uniform of choice, Jorts allowed for maximum mobility and, of course, distractingly attractive legs.

Kevin’s Record Setting ‘Gun:

Kevin Mullan, CU Boulder Alum, has not forgotten any of the important lessons he learned in Boulder. A Performance Media whiz, he was equally valuable as our designated shotgunner, winning us a vital “coin toss” in a unanimous decision.

Carrie’s Curveballs:

Carrie Kleist, Project Manager and designated pitcher carried our teams defense with brutal curveballs and changeups, all while abiding by the no-bounce rule.

Matt’s Management:

Matt Stone’s delegatory and organizational skills as an SEO specialist translated perfectly to the diamond. He kept our batting order intact and base runners in sync while still being an excellent asset behind the plate and in the field.

Nate the Great:

Nathan Patrick – Data Wizard – eats bases for breakfast. He’s known for his ability to run from first to home before Co-Captain Danny Moscoso’s whistling kicks even touch ground.

A Turning Point:

Ever the strategist, Executive VP Hardy “Coach” Kalisher rallied our team when we were at our lowest after a loss in the group round. His inspirational words bred great unity as we went undefeated in the playoff rounds.

Chirps and Cheering:

Designer Amy Blair and COO Bryan Boettiger kept the officiating staff on their toes with tactful but stern negotiation, as well as tasteful heckling.

Free Agent Finds:

We couldn’t have done it without last minute free-agent pickups Drew and Michelle by talent scout and head designer Casey Winslow.

Snapchat Solutionists:

Always on top of the latest trends and tools in marketing tech, Parallel Path rallied under the colors of our custom SnapChat Geofilter (courtesy of Intern Jack FitzGerrell) which instilled fear in the hearts of our rivals.

And to @BMDInc: – But did you really?  – Check again…

Big thanks to Ad2 Denver and the officiating team for putting on this great tournament!

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